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Kim shared their story with joy, hope and love. Kim says it all started in 2020 when she was forced to enter medical care for Covid. Kim shares their story with joy and hope. Then I’ll say, “I feel your illness.” As if you were a family member, I care for your health. AccuCare staff is always there to help me in times of need and are always willing to show their appreciation.
The trends for 2020 and 2021 were dominated primarily by extremes of medication. This makes me tired and irritable and can make it difficult to get around. I needed only a bluetooth neck brace, and a neck belt. EMS was looking for exactly the product until someone pointed it out.
When I began researching the requirements of EMS, I looked at several vendors in an effort to find a product that would be stronger and more durable.
Blue Spruce was the perfect product for me. One week later, I had ordered it. It was strong enough to withstand some falls. My only accident was unloading a box from my van. My partner was able to help me get up from the ground after I fell. I also suffered a broken wrist in one of my falls. However, I was able to avoid any injuries or falls with in home health care.

AccuCare provides full-service family medicine at four locations in St. Louis MO and Los Angeles CA.
St. Louis MO, January 14, 2021. – Everybody played a part in Safe Havens’ safety for St. Louis. Bruce St. Onge (Shift Supervisor) and his team saw the need to assist elderly victims of crime and fill the void.
St. Louis MO, January 1, 2021: Teaching Tolerance celebrates its 60th anniversary. Sue Preger started her career at VOYCE as a COO and was instrumental in growing the organization over the early years.

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